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On today's edition of The Jeff Katz Show on WXKS in Boston, Fox New Radio Reporter, Todd Starnes revealed that he's not a fan of Atheists.

Todd Starnes said during a conversation with Katz, "These are these vile atheists that are out there doing this stuff... I had an infestation of those folks on my Twitter account the other day and these people are just horrific."

Host Jeff Katz tells Starnes that Atheists are "Nasty," "Bitter" and "Empty" to which Starnes replies, "Exactly."

Infestation? So, Todd... we're roaches?

I wouldn’t say we're trying to cleanse the nation of Christianity, Todd. You can have your silly beliefs, just respect the Separation of Church and State. Don't turn your magical views into our laws... that's all we ask.

Here's a clip of the offensive comments from Starnes and Katz;



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